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New Plugin: Site Owner Admin

Site Owner Admin is an indispensable plugin created exclusively for the purpose of managing the administrator email address for your WordPress site….. by replacing the email text field with a drop-down list.

With this essential plugin you can ensure that this vital email is associated with an active user who possesses the necessary login credentials to effectively oversee and maintain your website.

Great for freelancers, agencies and WordPress hosting providers to help their clients work towards good site governance practices. 

WP Plugins+


From 1st Feb 2024 Our WP Plugins took over ownership of 13 plugins from Andrew Palmer & WP Plugins+.

If you hold an active license from WP Plugins+ and require a replacement Freemius based license please get in touch.

A new license will be required for any purchases previously made via the Elegant Marketplace


Which WP+ plugins are available?

Depreciated Plugins

  • Divi Menu Module (Standard Width) – Divi now has a module for this so ours will no longer be updated
  • GDPR Friendly Fonts
What changes can I expect?

We will be updating the plugins to use Freemius for licensing & updates. During this process we will also be making minor changes to reflect their new ownership and adding links to our knowledge base.

Once all the plugins have been updated we’ll get to work populating the knowledge base with up to date guides. 

What will happen with existing licenses?

You will need a new license provided via Freemius to receive plugin updates and on-going support.

General Enquiry

Knowledge base

Over time our knowledge base will be home to all of our support material. Please check the knowledge base before submitting a ticket. 

Contact Support

To get in touch with the team please email us via the Contact Us button below, making sure to include your proof of purchase.