Site Owner Admin

Site Owner Admin is an indispensable plugin created for the purpose of managing the administrator email address for your WordPress site….. by replacing the email text field with a drop-down list.

With this essential plugin you can ensure that this vital email is associated with an active user who possesses the necessary login credentials to effectively oversee and maintain your website.

Great for freelancers, agencies and WordPress hosting providers to help their clients work towards good site governance practices. 

Drop-down Admin List

The administrator email address field is replaced with a drop down list of administrator users.

Prevent Role Changes

The User Profile screen will prevent the site owner user from having its role downgraded.

Prevent Owner Deletion

Once selected and saved, the site owner user account cannot be deleted via the UI.

Manual Confirmation

Has the new owner ignored the confirmation email? Save waiting and manually confirm it.

Receive Admin Emails

Site owner going on holiday? Additional admin users can now receive administrator emails.

Site Owner Opt-Out

No longer responsible? Opt-out to notify other admins that a change of user is required.

What does it do?

Site Owner Admin will replace the administrator email field with a drop down list of admin users. It will also add two settings to the User Profile screen, allowing individual admins to opt-in for receiving emails sent to the administration email address.

Say good bye to orphaned admin users, it’ll also prevent the selected user from being deleted, or having their role changed.

Upon activation Site Owner Admin will prompt you to send a personal opt-out email link to all administrator users. This will allow them to opt-out from receiving administrator emails in the future (if they had previously been opted-in). Once a month these emails will be sent automatically.

It’ll check to see if the current email address matches an active user account. A notice will be displayed in the admin dashboard if it isn’t.

Lets the current site owner notify other admin users that a change in site owner is required (via special email link). This’ll email other admins, and redirect any admin that logs in to the settings page until the user has been changed.

The last login date & time an administrator logs in will now be shown on the Users screen. Once a month a summary of the current administrators and last login time will be emailed to the site owner email.

Lastly, when an administrator user logs in it will email a notice to the site owner. This is enabled by default and can be easily disabled from the settings screen.

Detailed Plugin Tour – 15mins!

Who is it for?

Web design freelancers & agencies

As a freelancer / agency your email address was most likely used as the site owner email while the site is being made, and while you continue to maintain it for your customer.

However when a site is taken over by the customer or another (less well trained) user, it’s common for your admin user to be deleted to prevent access, but you’ll still exist as the site owner which hasn’t yet been changed. Or your user role changed to lowest permissions.

This means you are locked out of the site with no way to disable the admin based email notifications.

You could set up multiple email filters to block these emails but that is not really the point.

If you are no longer responsible for a site you should no longer be receiving any emails from it.


WordPress Hosting Providers

As a caring WordPress hosting provider you’ll want to add value where possible, and if it helps to cut down on minor support tickets that’s an added bonus.

By offering Site Owner Admin to your clients you can help keep them on the path of good site governance. 

If the client keeps a suitable contact in charge of their site, and its maintenance, hopefully it will be kept updated and less likely to cause additional support tickets (you can always hope!).


Why is it important?

A well maintained WordPress site is a vital part of good website governance. But what happens if administration emails don’t make it to a knowledgeable person?

Or worse, they reach the right person, but they no longer have the required access to maintain the site?

How much would it cost you in real money, or lost time, to fix a hacked WordPress website?

How about potential reputation damage from dishing out malware to your hard earnt visitors?


Early Adopter Lifetime Pricing

The early adopter prices shown below will be kept until the 30th June 2024. Exact pricing will be decided closer to the time.

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Thank you sponsors!

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Future Ideas


  • Watch this space…..

Release Notes

11th May 2024 – V1.0.3 to V1.0.6 round up

  • Bug fix: Emails were not sending with html content type. Will make them look nicer in a future minor release.
  • Added Freemius license activation checks
  • Removed the blank value from the admin drop down list if a user has previously been selected
  • Added info icon with hover text to highlight why this list is appearing
  • Bug fix: Error when sending emails when site owner email doesn’t match a user account

6th April 2024 – V1.0.2

  • Stores last login date and time for administrator accounts
  • Includes monthly email listing administrators and their last login time
  • The “Send Opt-Out Emails” screen now displays when emails were last sent
  • Notification email sent on admin login. Setting to disable this added to general settings page
  • Bug fix: General settings page couldn’t be saved due to the email address not being set
  • Freemius SDK updated to better support PHP 8.x

4th April 2024 – V1.0.1

  • Tested with WordPress 6.5
  • Opt-out emails are no longer sent on plugin activation
  • Admin notice shown on plugin activation prompting user to manually send opt-out emails

1st April 2024 – V1.0

  • Drop down list now excludes opted-out administrators. Displays alert if no valid admins are found.
  • ‘Send Opt-Out Emails’ added to Tools menu.

29th March 2024 – V0.6

  • Opt-out email links sent to all admins when plugin activated.
  • Site owner email receives an opt-out link that when used will then email other admins asking for it to be changed.
  • Any administrators that log in after the Site owner has opted-out will be redirected to the Settings > General page and a notice shown.
  • Added manual confirmation link when administrator email has been changed.

24th March 2024 – v0.5

  • Administrator user accounts can opt-in to receive site owner emails
  • Added user profile setting to opt-out of receiving system emails.

20th March 2024 – v0.4

  • Notice bar displayed for all admin users.
  • Adjusted the Setting > General alert() box to appear after the dropdown has been added to the page

18th March 2024 – v0.3

  •  Administrator email drop down now appears in the place of the original field

17th March 2024 – v0.2

  • Added admin user drop down list to Setting > General
  • Added additional checks & notices to encourage setting a user
  • Prevents currently matching admin role from being downgraded

16th March 2024 – v0.1

  • Initial release.
  • Added Freemius with FREE coupon to provide easier update process.
  • When an admin user is deleted check its email address against the site owner, if there is a match the white screen error is shown preventing the user from being removed.

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